Why were we crazy enough to embark on something like this? We wanted to find an adventure that combined Jill’s passion for traveling and Tony’s passion for classic cars.

Tony suggested looking at the Endurance Rally Association to see the fun trips they organize. He thought we would go straight for the Flying Scotsman, which is a pretty benign three-day excursion. But, of course, Jill went for The Greatest Motoring Adventure: Peking to Paris.

After six months of searching, Tony finally found the perfect car: a 1956 Porsche 356A that happened to be a lovely shade of brown.

Our daughter Susette, who lives in NYC, and some of our closest friends met us in Paris... Champagne and American flags in hand!

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Our Peking to Paris 2016 trip was the culmination of three years of excitement, preparation and a little bit of apprehension. The result? Third place in our class, a medal, and memories to last a lifetime!