Empty Nesters' Au Revoir

Celebrating our 10th anniversary, the Empty Nesters book club threw me a surprise send off on a beautiful, rain-free evening. Barbara and Lark hosted us with cocktails on the garden terrace, followed by a sumptuous Italian dinner by Susan Gage.

My wonderful friends presented me with a glamorous Ferragamo silk scarf ("think Grace Kelly!") that actually looks like it was made with our rally car in mind. There will be many pictures of this scarf in the countries along our route!

Celia gave me Tula skincare products to make sure I keep up my beauty regime, Jeanne gave me a diary for all our memories, and Missy, the world's best photographer, will do a special portrait of Java #58, Tony, and me upon our return. 

Cheers to these amazing women whom are the dearest of friends: Celia, Lark, Ginny, Barbara, Jeanne, Missy, Sandy, Blythe, Katherine, Corine and Elizabeth. I promise to represent The Empty Nesters with dignity, grace, and a little speed!