Days 21 and 22: Along the Volga River and on Our First Race Track!

Right now, we're on the road in Hungary on the way to Budapest. Click here to read ERA's daily reports, and below find our latest recap from Days 21 and 22 in Russia.

In Kazan, we had a lively 50th birthday celebration for Nigel, and then we were off to Nizhny Novgorod. 


It was a beautiful sunny morning crossing the Volga River, which is the longest in Europe. We got 58 kilometers from the hotel and BAM... the clutch cable broke.

On the side of the road again, Sweeps Jack and Allen saw us and thought, "What now!!!"

Two hours later, Jamie and Travis have us back on the road.

Day 22: Gentlemen, start your engines! At 7:30 a.m. we were called to our first race track for three time trials.

Tony was so excited and I was terrified. I kept saying, "Slow down!" although we were only going 49 kph (or, in American, 30 mph!). I was convinced we would tip over, or I would make us take a wrong turn... which is impossible on a race track. 

Then we hit the road, driving the M7 motorway to Zavidovo. We had another two time trials on the Nami track and on a hill climb. I calmed down a little.

And, we survived our first pontoon bridge!

Much love,