The Endurance Rally Association's Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is a rally of over 100 cars, driving over 8,510 miles in 36 days.

The 2016 route began in Beijing, China and went through Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland before finishing in Paris, France. It included some of the world's most demanding terrain, and to qualify for this event cars must have "reasonably stood a chance of coping" with the challenges of this event. Each participant must have brought their own camping gear and spare parts, including extra wheels. 


Cars in the Peking to Paris Rally are either Vintage (pre-1941 model types) or Classic (pre-1975 model types), and are prepared in period-style in honor of the race's inspiration: the 1907 race between Prince Borghese and four other like-minded adventurers, who sped across Asia and Europe for the most worthy of all prizes (in our opinion): a magnum of Champagne.