Having a "Private Benjamin" Moment as We Approach the Finish Line

I have heard that there is "Rally Withdrawal" and I can imagine. We were off route for 24 hours and our re-entry was not pretty. I went to check into a hotel on my own the night before last, and I'm sure I looked like I was homeless and living out of our car, which, in fact, was true.

I wanna go to lunch. I wanna wear sandals. I wanna be normal again!

I want to get in a car and start it without wondering if it will start, and, for that matter, even use a key.

I want to have the car tell me when it needs fuel (it's not called gas anymore!), and not have to watch the kilometers and match that with fuel station locations.

I promise to never be a back seat driver again: "Entering roundabout at 6, exit at 12, missing 2..." 

If I ever see a clothing tag that says "dries overnight," that's not for me. I'm done washing my "outfits" in a bathroom sink or in the shower!

Buffets are dead to me. 

I will miss my rally friends every morning and evening, all of us with one goal and one destination, though many different paths.

I will miss the comfort of seeing those big, beautiful, red ERA Assistance trucks on the horizon. And, of course, everyone in them.

I am not "Car 58," "brown Porsche 356," "it's an 'A,' "Mrs. C" (xo Andy)... 

I'm JILL, Mrs. K, or, my favorite, Susette's Mom.

On the other hand. Java... that beautiful little brown beast did everything and more that we asked of him, and had a blast along the way.

Mongolia tried to take him out (us too!) and he has the scars to prove it. Java was just making sure we were paying attention to him.

Once he was taken back to the original Porsche engine, he was good to go. When we got to the Alps, he was ready to take them on. 

Java the dog was the same way, back to the basics except for an occasional down pillow. Windows down, a stream to go through, a big stick, and Jason were all he needed.

All of your words of guidance, encouragement, love and support these past three years are all part of this long and wonderful journey, and I wouldn't change a minute of it. See you on the other side.

Cheers and love,