One Last Celebration and then... We're Off!

Love, respect, family: The Kirkpatrick Connor McCarthy Dent Silva Clan.

Burning our spreadsheet, where we tracked every piece of equipment we'd need for Peking to Paris 2016!


See you later, Ber Ber and Boo! Enjoy 25 acres in Virginia! 

Jill's most treasured travel accessory: Java's half-marathon medal, which he ran with Jason McCarthy in Chicago in 2010.


How do you pack for 40 days in a Porsche? Here are some of Jill's never-leave-home-withouts: her Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater (that goes everywhere with her, to the bush and back); Belgian loafers, since a girl can't wear "sturdy shoes" for 40 days; a pendant to remind us that "there's more than you know;" and a prayer string blessed by a Buddhist monk in Bhutan.

Looking forward to Peking to Paris 2016

We are so excited to get going on Peking to Paris 2016! Follow our progress live with our Find Me tracker.  

As we prepare to head out on our big journey this weekend, we've been answering lots of questions from our family and friends. One question people have asked us frequently is, "What are you the most nervous about while being on the road?" Here are our honest answers:

Jill: Being stranded on the side of the road in snowy Siberia



Tony: What could happen when we try to cross rivers in our little Porsche!

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